Why you MUST get clear on WHO you're talking to!


What do I mean by getting clear on WHO you're talking to?

Well, let's assume you are a content creator -

  • Who are your audience?
  • What pain are you solving for them? 
  • How are you doing it?

If I'm appealing to predominately solo entrepreneurs, working from home, then I can turn up like this, and my home or home office makes a great location for my videos.

If rather, I'm appealing to high flying business executives then I may want to re-think what I'm wearing and how I prop the location.

One of my Academy members recently whitewashed his office and added some subtle furniture and small plants to the backdrop to make it more 'corporate'.

Busy, stay at home moms would resonate well to you in your living room or kitchen, as long as it's tidy. You'll be more relatable and you'll build Know, Like and Trust quicker.

HEAR ME, I'm not saying to be fake! Quite the opposite. Be yourself as that's typically a close match to your customer anyway, I'm actually releasing you from feeling like you need to be something you're not.

I say in my Academy that I think of it as if I were going to have a meeting with the person I'm speaking to, thats YOU in this case.

  • Where would I choose to meet?
  • What would I wear?
  • How would I present myself?

I'm not going to go into the other points: 'What pains you're solving' and 'How you're doing it' but go through the same process and really get clear on the content you're delivering and think about how that impacts the style of your videos.

Now this is definitely one for us to continue chatting about in the FB group so in the description there I'll pop these 3 questions for you to answer.

Come over to the Facebook Group 

I look forward to reading what you come up with!


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