What Type Of Videos Should I Make On YouTube?

youtube Oct 12, 2018

I just posted another blog titled ‘How To Make the Most of YouTube’,  and I recommend you check that out before watching this video. It’s only short but will set the scene for WHY you need to be posting videos to YouTube and getting in front of your prospective clients. Then you can come back here ;-)

So in this post I want to answer the question ‘What type of videos should I make on youtube to promote my online business? and in my experience 2 types of videos far outperform the rest, as you'll discover later.

As I mentioned in that last video Google processes 2.5 billion searches every day 


and the result that comes up on the first page, above any blog post or web page is video… fed directly in from YouTube!

So if you get your videos right you can forget spending thousands on Search Engine Optimising, you’ll just trump them all with your videos!

But not just any old videos are going to get found, you need to make the right type of videos, and they’re not what others are telling you to post!

What do I mean?

Well I’ve heard several ‘High Level Coaches’ over the past year advising me on what I need to be posting and I have to say after putting it into practice...

... I totally disagree with them! 

I’m not mentioning names but here’s the criteria I was given:

"Videos must be for conversion not consumption"

"Your videos need to be moving people towards the sale!"

"Your videos MUST either:

  1. A) Stir desire for what you offer
  2. B) Illuminate a pain they didn't recognise
  3. C) Shed light on a knowledge gap"

Sounds good doesn’t it!

Then another actually mocked me on a live call for giving everything away "No one’s ever going to come to you for coaching cause you give it all away for free!"

Again, it made total sense so I changed my videos to topics like:

Why you MUST get clear on your goals before buying any video equipment

Why you MUST focus on just ONE GUIDE for video advice

The right way to choose your video equipment’

All of them were explaining the traps you could fall into and the money you could waste if you don’t get some advice up front.

Basically I was telling them to come to me, and I’d help them.

NONE of them actually gave away which camera you need… because people have to pay me for that... right?

Now the content in those videos was really good and I totally stand by it BUT…

They flopped!

And recently I had a lightbulb moment. I realised why they didn’t work…

They were good content but they weren’t the right content for YouTube!

How come?

Think about it, what do people go to Google for?

Answers, Help, advice!

They want to know ‘What is the best camera for making videos?’ or ‘How to get new leads?’ Whatever their pain.

They aren’t wanting to watch a sales video, they want a solution!

But, you say, 'if I give it away for free they won’t want to buy anything from me!'

Well in my experience that hasn’t been the case.

I always ask my students how they first found me and some of them are seeing me post in Facebook groups, but most say they found me on YouTube! And not always for on-topic videos.

One recently found me teaching about how to set up a webpage on Kajabi.

Of course the webpage I was demonstrating being built was mine and a combination of that and the high quality of my video lead her to check out my website and now she’s a very happy student.

Others found me reviewing cameras and when they saw the quality I was producing with the same camera they bought the camera, then came to me for help on using it.

Check out this one…

A video I made about my experience running a webinar on Kajabi

Look at the comments.


And Daniela who commented 3rd down then signed up to my Facebook page and sent me this message.

Check out that bottom comment… ‘she's going to come to me to sort out her videos!’

Have I sold her anything?  

Did I have to get all weird and salesy?


Now she hasn’t bought yet but I’m totally confident that when the time’s right for her, she’ll be back.

And I won’t feel like I’ve just had to twist her arm!

Can you see how that works!

 ... And how nice it feels!


I was on a photo shoot last Friday and explaining to my customer what I now do with teaching video, and he said, I just did that.

He did art at school and just recently he wanted to get back into it. So he found a tutorial on YouTube and loved it!

Then he went to the lady’s website to see what else she offered and bought her £40 training. And she’s got loads more modules at the same price for him to go back and do. 

I was on the other side of the fence recently too, I searched for ‘Pilates for lower back pain’. I found a great video that gave me a 15 minute routine and it works! So guess what… I went to her website and will absolutely buy her larger course. 

Neither the art teacher, or the Pilates instructor deflected the conversation to:

  1.  Stir desire for what they offer
  2.  Illuminate a pain we didn't recognise
  3.  Shed light on a knowledge gap

NOOOO!... they simply solved our problem, gave us a quick win and in doing so won us as loyal customers.

So, what TWO types of videos work in my experience? 

Well we’ve already demonstrated it but the first ones I’d call... 

1. ‘How To’ Videos

Ones that genuinely help people.

And the reason they work is simple. People go to youtube for answers and solutions.

Give them that quick win and they’ll think you’re amazing, and likely come back for more.

Heck, I do it all the time, I find a great review on a new piece of camera and I subscribe to the channel.

Don’t hold back from genuinely helping solve people's problems and please stop posting out videos that just tease people to buy your products or services, you’ll get thumbs down and YouTube will penalise you for it!

Does this make sense or are you still not convinced?

If you’re not prepared to genuinely help people on your videos then you’d be better not posting anything!

So how does this look for you?

Well I’ve put together a ‘YouTube Video Creation Worksheet’ to help you determine which videos you should be making. In fact it will help you come up with around 10 video titles.

Then, if you really want my help, pop over to my Facebook group and give us your results for feedback. I host Live chats twice a week and I’ll happily use your post and give you my feedback. What about that!

Now please hear me right , I’m NOT suggesting that if you have an online course you put the whole thing up for free, I for example don’t show anywhere how to set up the camera and kit as that is very much my secret sauce but I do answer people’s direct questions and recommend equipment.

My audience are typically Online Coaches and course creators and I want to help them create amazing videos, but maybe they don’t realise they even need that yet, so they’re not search for help with their videos.

What they are searching for is 'how to make YouTube videos', 'how to do facebook lives', 'whether or not to use a ring light'🤦‍♂️, stuff like that!

If I help them with that, then when they realise they need to be stepping up with their videos, guess who they’re going to come to!

As a fitness coach, do like my lady did and give a quick win. Then let them know what else you can help them with.

The second type of videos that are working the best for me are 

2. Review Videos

 Did you see that I was reviewing Kajabi in the example in the video above? It’s software I use and love and I know that anyone using Kajabi is a potential customer of mine as they’re fellow course creators.

So naturally if I help them, I get on their Radar.

 What software / hardware / tools do your audience use or should be using that you can do a review on?

Is there something new out that you can jump on quick and review?

What that does is then position YOU as an authority.

So I need to be wrapping this up, I appreciate your patience.

In summary, stop trying to use YouTube to sell, remember that people are there because they want an answer, and if you can help them, you’ve just made someone’s day and there’s a high probability they’ll be receptive to what else you can offer!