The easiest way to waste your investment on video Equipment


'The easiest way to waste your investment on video Equipment'

The easiest way to waste your investment on camera equipment? Simple... don't learn how to use it properly!

I see photographers do it with cameras ALL THE TIME, they buy the latest camera thinking it will take stunning photos like they've seen others do in the magazines only to be quickly disappointed!

You need to learn how to use your equipment!

It's madness to buy a $1000 camera and not learn how to get the best out of it!...

...Yet that's what SO MANY Entrepreneurs do.

I get so many messages asking me what camera they need, I've told them but then I never see any evidence of them using it!


Because they haven't got a clue how to use out!

Don't let that be YOU. It's a sure fire way to throw your money down the drain.

It's like a customer coming on your course and never studying it. Did you know only 10% of people actually complete a course that they start!

I have an Academy, a small group coaching system that works phenomenally. My students watch videos on the kit setup then get me live on a call every week to help if they get stuck at all.

Sure they've invested in good equipment, but it's been money well spent when they know how to use it!

So in summary if you want to waste your money go out and buy some lovely equipment then never take the time to learn how to use it!

Do you agree or am I being too harsh? I'd love to hear your thoughts over in our Facebook Community Group


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