Finding Titles For Your YouTube Videos That Get Ranked And Clicked

youtube Nov 01, 2018

You can make an awesome video but if your title isn’t crafted right you’ll never get it seen.

In this video I’m going to help you write titles that get found and clicked.

Ok, so if you saw my last blog post and took action you should have discovered some topics for your videos and you may have spotted on the worksheet that step 7 went onto titles so lets pick up there.

Our goal for getting ranked and ideally seen on the first page of google is totally dependant on Google thinking your content is the best solution for their customers.

So, if your title is exactly what someone types into the google search bar that’s your first step to being considered by google.

Are people liking your videos?

Then, they look at what previous viewers of your videos thought. How long did they stay, did they leave you a comment, did they give you a thumbs up or subscribe.

This is all Google has to work with and it’s very clever at finding the best results for its customers, that’s why we love it so much right!

So your video content must be good too else the titles are irrelevant. Can you see how it all fits together? These are individual stages that all need to be done right.

What is your customer typing in to Google?

Try to put yourself in your customers' shoes. Google is great at auto filling the search and helping you get a more specific search phrase.

If I am trying to teach people how to make video with their camera, I only have to start typing 'how to make v…'  and it fills in several common searches. And I’m likely to choose one of those suggestions.

So start making a list. What is Google suggesting, or what is YouTube suggesting? 

Writing Your Titles

1. Write your title with the search phrase at the start then

2. You want to either end it with a benefit or a number.

For example this video was called 'Titles for your YouTube videos that get ranked and clicked'. I know they are benefits people want.

Alternatively people love numbers in sales copy and what I’ve found myself is that if someone is working through a number of stages I am way more likely to watch the whole video as I want to hear all the stages. My previous video was called ‘Coming up with content for your YouTube videos in 6 steps’.

Or, use numbers as a time. E.g. 'Become a YouTube expert in 24 hours'

TIP: Study what the big players in your niche are doing. They are likely well trained in finding titles as they understand the value of them so learn from them. Keep your eyes and mind open while doing this too, you may find other ideas for future videos!


1. Start with what your audience are looking for

2. Try different searches

3. Take that phrase as the start of your title

4. End it with a benefit that will make your video stand out and get their interest.

TIP: remember to mention the keyword phrase several times in the video itself and the description, but we’ll cover that in a future lesson.

 ... UP NEXT

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