THIS is the lens I’m recommending for your filming

equipment lens video Sep 26, 2017

I take my recommendations seriously and its no exaggeration to say I’ve spent days looking between these lenses trying to settle on the best solution to recommend. Now obviously I have to balance quality and cost. In an ideal world I’d have you buying a Panasonic GH5 and the Leica 42.5mm lens, but that set up will cost you £3000 ($4000) and this alternative is more like £900 ($1200).

I’ve settled on the Panasonic G80/85 as a good mid range mirrorless camera that more than does the job of recording videos like mine and as I’ve said before, the main reason I am using Panasonic is the fact that their remote app allows me to record video as well as photos. It may sound insignificant and you won’t see many reviews about it but to me as a lone recorder, I now have the power to use my phone and focus, tweak the settings and record myself without getting up from my chair, Awesome!

Anyway, this post is concentrating on the lenses and as you can see from the video I am using the 25mm prime lens and comparing it to the 20mm lens. My gut has just not been happy with the 25mm and I’ve been so close to signing off on it but when I put the 20mm back on I realised there is a noticeable difference in the sharpness. Do you agree?

So my recommendation in Both Pro Video Academy and Zero to Go will be the Panasonic G80/85 and the 20mm f1.7mm lens.

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