What's The BEST Camera For Your Filming?

cameras equipment Sep 29, 2017

This feels like a drumroll moment... 'drrrrrrrr'   

"And the winner is..."

This is such a big question that most people skirt around but I like to give it straight. Now I can't categorically say this is the best camera but in my experience and from my research this is the camera that I am hand on heart recommending, and would do so to my parents if they asked me for my opinion.

So what is it?

The Panasonic Lumix G7.


Now although I've been doing all my filming with a G80/85, I got hold of the G7 (the older model) and as you can see in this post I put them side by side and there seriously was no difference for what I'm doing and teaching here. Therefore while you can still get the older model I would bag a G7 and spend the difference on the 20mm lens I recommend for it. 

Don't say I don't look after you ;-) 

Why this camera?

I know I cover it in the video but let me remind you why these Panasonic Lumix cameras stand out to me. They have some great features for my photography anyway but these are the two highlights for studio filming like I teach:

  1. They have a great app that lets you set up and record yourself without assistance. You download the free app to your smart phone then you get a live view of yourself with control over all the essential settings and most importantly you can focus perfectly on your face then hit record! It's such a game changer for those of us who have been struggling with this for years! 

  2. The cameras allow audio output through HDMI! ... *tumbleweed*
    Haha, I know that really gave you goosebumps didn't it. Ok so that's a 'feature' but the 'benefit' is HUGE, I can now plug a mic into the camera whether that be a clip on lavaliere mic or a boom mic pointing at you and... you can use it for LIVE video!!! Yep, you can now record top quality video on Facebook Live, Webinars, Skype or Zoom chats, you name it and if you could normally select an external webcam then this will let you use the camera. 
    This is HUGE again as Facebook are loving it when we put out LIVE videos. 
    NOTE: You do need to purchase another piece of kit to convert the video signal into one that your computer recognises. It's this little beauty (US or UK) and it's literally plug and play. No software, no settings, simple! 

Check out the video and learn more about my reasoning and if you want to snap up a bargain I've given you links here:


US Links:

Panasonic Lumix G7
Panasonic 20mm lens

UK Links:

Panasonic Lumix G7
Panasonic 20mm lens

Haha, well done for tracking with me. Let me know what you think. Post any questions in our Facebook group, 'Pro Video Hackers' and if you buy one or the other you definitely have to take a photo of you with it and post it in the group, that would be really encouraging to me! 

Catch you in another post soon :-)