How to get clear on the STYLE of your videos


Have you ever thought about the style of your videos?

This is a similar topic to the one I posted about goals and I make no apology for labouring the point, I want you to understand what I'm saying. Before you buy your kit and start filming, take a step back and consider what your videos are going to be like. And this decision needs to be based on your audience.

Will it be casual like this, or formal? Will you go for a studio look with paper backdrops or will you go for a 'real' look, seated in your living room or office.

What do your audience expect, what do the guys who are crushing it in your niche doing? I recommend analysing their videos and seeing if you can draw anything from them to help you in your own. I'm not saying copy them but if you watch them and say 'they look so goooood' then what is it that makes them work?

Then, when you know more about the kind of set you want to create and the style you're going for you can buy the right lenses, lights, microphones etc. but only after the planning has been done, else you could be throwing money away!

No we'd love to hear your thoughts, in fact who's up for sharing a photo of their 'set' and letting us help you get it right. OR why not send in a link to a video you really like and let us help you discover what it has that really makes it a winner. 

Come and join us in the Facebook group and lets have chat about it there. 

See you there...

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