How To Make Professional Quality IGTV Videos using Final Cut Pro

editing Sep 27, 2018

Ok so IGTV still seems to be the new kid on the block that people are trying to figure out how to use.

I’ve got mixed feelings and haven’t been converted yet but I AM making my videos with IGTV in mind and sharing there at the same time.

But, doesn’t that mean I have to use my phone in portrait mode?

... Come on, as if I’m gonna do that!

No, there are several ways to edit a video that you shoot with your camera and upload it in HD quality without touching your phone!

In this video I want to demonstrate how to do that in Final Cut Pro, and in my other video I’ll use iMovie.

And I’m really spoiling you today cause I’ve made you a free downloadable guide that takes you through everything I’m doing in Final Cut Pro step by step.


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