How Much Should You Spend On A Wireless Lav Microphone?

I’ve been using the Rode Film maker kit for years but someone recently asked me if these cheaper ones were any good, so I put one to the test, and it performed on par with the bigger player… but does that instantly mean we should choose the cheaper model or is there more at play here!

So yes, I just did a review of the K&F wireless Lav mic and you can check that out here

The Rode Mic costs £240 ( /

The K&F costs £90 ( /

But is the cheapest always the best?

Now the quality is pretty similar

But if we were talking cars, would we only be looking at getting us from A to B for the cheapest price?

If that were the only consideration then BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and others would be out of business as their cars are dearer and don’t get us to our destination any quicker.

No, there’s other things to consider.

People drive these executive cars for the comfort, the status, basically ‘how it makes them feel’.

So with your microphone, what else should you be considering?

Well there’s a reliability that comes with a top brand like Rode or Senheisser that you don’t get from a cheaper make.

There are additional features that make your life easier, the displays, muting from both ends, more flexibility with sound levels, easier charging, then unquestionably they’re built better, they feel stronger, and they look more professional.

Like the executive cars - these mics make you feel more professional using them.

So while you can get by with a cheaper microphone and your audience may not notice a difference as they listen to your video, sometimes just knowing we’re using more professional equipment raises our game and makes us perform better.

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