The right way to choose your video equipment


You might be expecting a list of equipment in this post but I'm taking a step back first and asking you to settle on your guide first.
Yes, I've done another post on this here as I'm very passionate about this and know from experience the frustration of trying to listen to conflicting opinions.

"Find someone you resonate with"

Find someone you resonate with, trust their opinions and advice and hopefully they will be using the exact equipment they recommend so you can see the results you should be achieving if you follow them. That's certainly the case with me, what I recommend is exactly what I use for my videos but I won't suite everyone and you won't offend me if you want to follow another guide, just settle on the right person first, then listen to their advice, you'll save both time and money that way I guarantee it!

 "I did the same thing!"

I did exactly this with my business. I joined James Wedmore's 'Business By Design' program and if he says this is the program he uses for his emails, I get the same. When he shows us what to use for Webinars guess what, I use the same. What's the point in investing in someone and then ignoring their advice. SO... as I say, find your guide first then buy the equipment THEY recommend.

If you come in the Pro Video Academy I'll give you a full equipment list and the total cost, assuming you have nothing already will be around $2500 and that's the lot - camera, lighting, sound all covered!

Please come over to the Facebook group and post any question you may have.

Thanks as ever for your interest, I look forward to meeting you in my group :-)

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