Best Lighting If You Use A Whiteboard Or Screen

May 23, 2019

I just made a video with 6 tips for lighting when you wear glasses and I realised it’s very similar to another problem I often hear, how to deal with lights reflecting in a TV/whiteboard.

Let me say first that it’s not about the type of lights as much as the position of them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a ring light, an LED panel, a soft box, or even a window, if it’s in front of you it will be caught in the reflection.

So here are 3 steps you can take to eliminate the problem:

1. Move the lights to the side.

The simplest and most obvious is to move your lights from directly in front, to the sides. 

Not only to the sides but raising them can also take them out of the area of reflection

Mine are now mounted to the ceiling but they sit to the side and above. I’ve made a simple diagram that you can download and copy at home.

If you want to know the exact lights I use and recommend check out my blog post here. 

Now unfortunately moving lights to the side will cause shadows so I recommend you grab a couple of lights and try to balance them evenly to either side.

2. Tilt the screen

If your screen or board isn’t fixed flat to the wall then tilting it slightly will do the same job as moving the light and could be an easier fix.

3. Use a camera rather than your webcam

Your webcam has a pretty wide field of view and that’s adding to the problem. I’ve tried to demonstrate with these diagrams. If your camera is up close you’ll get a much wider reflection than if you take the camera back and zoom it in. You likely don’t have this option with a webcam but if you’re using a camera in this scenario and have room in front of you to move the camera back then this will make a big difference to what is caught in the reflection.

Well there you go let me know which tip was most useful. Please check out my other blog posts and come join us in the facebook group where you can ask me anything and get live support.

Many thanks, see you in another video

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