Best Camera for YouTube Videos - Panasonic G80 or Gh5?

cameras Oct 26, 2018

I just recently got the Panasonic GH5 and thought you’d be interested to hear how it compares with my G80/85, and even the G7 that I’ve previously reviewed. So that's what this video is all about :-) 

I want help you find the best camera to suit your needs so this is a very honest review of which model I think would be best for you.

So what am I suggesting?

You want the shortcut, quick version? 

Ok, well if you’re starting out and you plan to use a tripod for all your filming, buy a G7! 

If you plan on improving your videos in the foreseeable future with some b-roll footage that will require you to hand hold the camera, pay $300 more and get the G80 (Europe) or the G85 (US).

Although, if you can afford it and fancy getting into video, or if you want an awesome photography camera too, buy the GH5! It’s a stunning camera, I love it to bits but really it’s overkill for an online entrepreneur just looking for a step up from your webcam or phone. 

You can find all these cameras on my kit list here:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in my Facebook group 

I will be making more in-depth reviews on all these individual cameras plus the GX8 so watch this space!

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