The Academy costs just $129 and only opens 3x per year for a maximum of 120 people so to make sure you get an opportunity to join next time leave me your email address and you'll be one of the first to hear dates of the next event (provisionally November 2020). 

What have 75% of my customers got in common?

They all discovered me on YouTube 
where I helped them solve a problem!

That’s the power of YouTube, and if you’re not on there you are seriously missing out!

YouTube is hands down the BEST shop window for your business!

Without advertising costs you can position yourself in front it’s 2 Billion monthly users...
who are watching 5 billion videos every day!

And once your videos are live, they work for you 24/7!

Over 2 weeks let me help you:

Discover what videos your audience are searching for

Come up with 6 months of video titles

Build out your channel to convert customers

Upload your videos so they get found and

Have a plan for ongoing success.

... And make some great friends in the process!!! 



"This has been THE BEST bootcamp I've ever attended! Your knowledge and authenticity along with the community involvement has been priceless! "


"Adrian you are a great encourager, trainer and a natural coach. This is the start of big things for you!"


"This has been a fab course Adrian, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others, incredibly professional!"


"I really appreciate the course videos which are very clear and take you through everything step by step"


"Top job Adrian! Your expertise and experience is powerful and helpful."



DAY 1 : Preparing Your YouTube Channel

DAY 2 : Building Your YouTube Channel

DAY 3 : Scripting Your First Two Videos

DAY 4 : Recording Your First Two Videos

DAY 5 : Uploading & Promoting Your Videos

DAY 6 : Planning For Your Ongoing Success


I'm Adrian Salisbury and I've seen my YouTube channel grow to over 108,000 subscribers and have over 16 million video views! So yes, I know a thing or two about YouTube 😉

I believe in two main types of videos that I'll be sharing. I've seen videos go viral, I've seen others totally bomb, I've had ladies asking to marry me (seriously), I've had others threaten me. 

But I love YouTube because I get to help people, and time and time again I've found that when someone knows likes and trusts me after watching a video or two they are inclined to come over and check out what else I offer.

YouTube seriously has been the most powerful shop window I could have ever wished for and now I want to pass on to you what I've learnt and help you see the same success! 

—Adrian Salisbury, Founder of Pro Video Academy 

Give me 6 days and I'll set you up on YouTube for life!!



I'm glad you asked, this training is designed for business owners who want to grow their reach and get in front of their prospective customers. I'm not teaching how to run a daily lifestyle channel or to make viral videos with the sole purpose of monetising them. 

Unless you have a successful, thriving YouTube channel you're going to get value from this training. I guarantee there will be moments where you say 'Oooh, I never knew that!' And even if you are proficient with making videos and uploading them, do you really know what type of videos you need to be making? You will at the end of this! 

Absolutely! In fact I'm passionate about helping local businesses so I've added a section just for you! I'll give you ideas for topics that will keep you going for months!

Ideally you will take some time out over this week or so to apply what you learn but no, it's not essential. Each day I release a set of videos and come on a Facebook live to guide you. The course is yours for life to come back to at any point.

This time around I am dripping the content out so you work through at a steady pace with me. 

The course is yours for life! The facebook group will stay active for 4 months before we archive it. That means you can still see everything but won't be able to comment. 

This is a very easy to follow step by step course and with the support of a Facebook group you're in good hands, I promise you! 

Ok, then let's get that fixed. 

You'll see how to improve what you have and thankfully you can go back into existing videos and change key elements without loosing comments and views. 

If it's REALLY not worth salvaging then it may be best to start again. You'll learn all this in the Academy! 


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