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July 6th - 17th


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Ecamm Live is an incredible program to make your live streams look professional but like any new software, it can feel daunting when you first take a look.

... that's why I got together with Ecamm to create this Academy and take you through a complete setup over 5 days then give you another week to practice what you've learnt. 

Come and learn:

How to set everything up correctly

How to live stream to Facebook

How to live stream to YouTube

How to live stream to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously

How to schedule your live streams

How to upgrade your camera and microphone

How to create a professional looking set

How to brand your videos

How to use scenes

How to host an interview

How to use green-screen

... and so much more! 

Plus you'll learn it all LIVE in a friendly community group! 




I'm Adrian Salisbury and I'm the man behind the official Ecamm Live support videos.

I've used Ecamm Live to run regular lives to both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously, to host live interviews, run webinars, offer support calls... I love it! And every time I show up people always ask how come I look so good... (well my image quality anyway). 

Plus, over the past few months I've had enough people reaching out to me asking for help with Ecamm Live that I decided to run this two week LIVE event to walk you through the software and help you get the results and feedback that I do every time I go live. 

This is a fantastic program, you just need to know how to set it up and get the best out of it. 

If you could use a little help, come and join us! 

 —Adrian Salisbury, Founder of Pro Video Academy 




I'm glad you asked, this training is designed for any Ecamm user who just doesn't feel they're getting the best from the software or finds it all a little intimidating. 

Absolutely! The teaching is happening across the first week and then you have a second week to practice what you've learnt. The beauty of a learning community like this is that we can feel safe and not only will you see me going live, you'll be able to live stream into the group and interview other members! 

You'll benefit most if you can but the first week is priority, that's when the training gets delivered and the second week is for you to practice what you learnt. I show up live every day for the first week and several times the second week. These live calls are where I'll walk you through the stages step by step and be there to answer your questions as you go.

The training is dripped out over the first 5 days. I don't want you racing ahead so I'll give you enough each day for you to work though with the rest of the group. Trust me, it works :-) 

The course is yours for life as is your membership into the facebook group, however the group will be archived after 4 months meaning it becomes 'read only'.

All live calls will be held in the Facebook group at 5pm BST (9am PDT / 12pm EDT)

The Academy itself is an online course that I'm dripping out to you over the first 5 days so no, you can learn everything without the lives, they are there to support you, for me to answer your questions and to review some of your lives. 


Absolutely! That's what the group is for, and better still you can go live on your page and share the link to us in the group so we can join you if possible. 

You'll also get the opportunity to interview other group members on your live! 

Sorry for any confusion. The training is dripped out over the first 5 days and then the second week is over to you to practice what you've learnt, get on interviews together, and work under my supervision and support. Trust me, you'll need this week! 


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