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Do you have a message to get out to the world but you're struggling with the 'how' of creating professional-looking videos?

Start looking like a Professional!

Good News! I've created a simple step by step process that will teach you how to create professional-looking videos that portray you as the expert you know you are!!!  

My 5 Step Process

STEP #1: Preparing Yourself

This stage is H U G E! If your set was to look like a Spielberg movie but if you freeze or turn into a robot when the camera switches on,  the next 4 steps are pointless!
In the Academy, you'll get a whole mini-course titled 'How To Be Natural On Video'. 

STEP #2: Preparing Your Set

Before you've spoken a word, in that split second, guess what's forming the first impression? Your set! 
Nothing screams ‘AMATEUR’ worse than a cluttered bookshelf or a messy desk so we get that sorted before we think about recording. 

STEP #3: Choosing Your Equipment

To get the full value out of this Academy I really encourage you to buy the equipment I use, costing approximately $1200-$1500.
All of my members who took my advice have been blown away by how easy it is to set up and the incredible results it gives!

STEP #4: Producing Videos You're Proud Of

Once you’re confident about getting on camera and you have selected your set and your equipment, it’s time to start recording those videos… videos you’ll be proud of! 
If you currently use a phone or webcam, chances are if I asked you to show me one of your videos you’d be embarrassed to share it, right? Not my students, they're as proud as I am of their videos!

STEP #5: Growing And Developing

Once you've recorded videos that you're proud of you won't want to stop there, and that's why I'm including 90 day's access to the 'Members' Club' to keep stretching you and challenging you to grow... (*Continue for $25/month)

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What Are The Course Lessons?

LEVEL 1: Planning

Before we discuss any equipment or techniques I want you to fully consider who your audience are, how you need to present yourself to them and where would be the best location for that. Then we discuss background options.

LEVEL 2: Setting Up

You'll be given a FULL equipment list, exactly what I use for all my videos, with links to Amazon. Once you've bought everything you need I walk you through a series of easy to follow videos setting everything up.

LEVEL 3: Recording

So now everything is set up, you're connected to your computer and now you're all ready to record your first video. This section walks you through that stage and discusses file storage and exciting topics like that. 

LEVEL 4: Editing

One thing that differentiates an amateur from a professional is how well their video is edited. But don't panic, I'm not expecting you to turn your video into a movie, you'll just learn the basics so you can tidy up your video and give it a polished look. 

Additional Training

Levels 1-4 deal with getting you to the point of making your own professional-quality videos. And you can stop there, or you may want to go on and discover some more advanced techniques. Working with two cameras, using a teleprompter, interview techniques, and many more topics are covered here.

What is the Members' Club? 

While you absolutely can work through the academy course on your own, we don't want you to. Which is why we're including a FREE 90 day trial of our members' club! 

Come and enjoy:

Members' Club Lounge

Our active Facebook community is a great place to share your wins, ask questions and feel supported on your journey. 

Weekly Live Calls

Join our weekly live support call where we answer questions, brings tips and tricks and reviews members' videos.

Monthly Challenges

Making videos can be daunting. We want to help our members practice through fun monthly projects.

If you want to continue membership after your 90 day trial, you have nothing to do. We set you up on a $25/month payment plan and notify you when the trial is coming to an end so you can either cancel and pay nothing, or stay as long as you like :-) 

Don't Suffer Like I Did! 

"When I started out at SLR Coaching, my photography training site,  I realised I needed to understand how to record video... and quick!  

While I’d been a Professional Photographer for a decade I had no experience with continual lighting, the camera settings, good practice and most importantly SOUND!  

I spent literally hundreds of hours online learning how to record decent videos and I’ve spent a fortune on the wrong equipment… that now sits gathering dust in my attic.  

The good news is YOU won’t have to! I’ve created Pro Video Academy with all the tools and instructions to get you up and running in no time! "  

—Adrian Salisbury
Founder of Pro Video Academy

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