'STOP looking like an Amateur!'

Do you have a message to get out to the world but you're struggling with the HOW of creating professional looking videos that don’t make you want to crawl under the table and hide…?

'START looking like a Professional!'

Good News! I've created a step by step process that will teach you how to create professional looking videos to deliver your message to the world in a way that doesn’t make you look like a COMPLETE AMATEUR but instead the EXPERT you know you are!!!  




This stage is H U G E! Your videos can look like a Spielberg movie but if you freeze or turn into a robot when the camera switches on,  the next 4 steps are pointless!
In the Academy you'll get a whole section titled 'How To Be Natural On Video'. 


Before you've spoken a word, in that split second, guess what's forming a first impression? Your set! Nothing screams ‘AMATEUR’ worse than a cluttered bookshelf or a messy desk so we get that sorted before we ever think about recording. 


To get the best out of this Academy I recommend you buy the equipment I use, costing approximately $1200.
All of my members who took my advice have been blown away by how easy it is to set up and the incredible results it gives!


Once you’re confident about getting on camera and you have selected your set and your equipment, it’s time to start recording those videos… videos you’ll be proud of! 
If you currently use a phone or webcam, chances are if I asked you to show me one of your videos you’d be embarrassed to share it, right? Not my students, they're as proud as I am of their videos!


Once you've recorded videos that you're proud of you won't want to stop there, and that's why I'm including 6 month's access to the 'Members' Club' to keep stretching you and challenging you to grow... Testimonials, interviews, b-roll footage, there are so many ways to grow and I'll be right here to help you. (*Continue for $25/month)





1. Welcome

Let me welcome you into the Academy and introduce you to the other PVA Club members.

2. Preparation

Before we discuss any equipment or techniques I want you to fully consider who your audience are, how you need to present yourself to them and where would be the best location for that.

3. Equipment

You'll be given a FULL equipment list, exactly what I use for all my videos, and then taught over a series of easy to follow videos how to set everything up.

4. Recording & Editing

Now everything's set up it's time to record your first video, edit it and upload it to the group for some encouraging feedback.

5. Going Live

Once you've recorded a few videos Ill be encouraging you to go live! I'll explain the benefits then walk you through the equipment, software and techniques needed.

6. Next Steps

With all that under your belt I'll introduce you to some advanced training to help you continue to grow and develop your skills.


Don't take my word for it, hear what some of my students think to the Pro Video Academy...



"When I started out at SLR Coaching, my photography training site,  I realised I needed to understand how to record video... and quick!  

While I’d been a Professional Photographer for a decade I had no experience with continual lighting, the camera settings, good practice and most importantly SOUND!  

I spent literally hundreds of hours online learning how to record decent videos and I’ve spent a fortune on the wrong equipment… that now sits gathering dust in my attic.  

The good news is YOU won’t have to! I’ve created Pro Video Academy with all the tools and instructions to get you up and running in no time! "  

—Adrian Salisbury
Founder of Pro Video Academy


(or 6 x $99) 

Equipment List

Online Course

'Next Level' Coaching

6 months PVA Members' Club*

Weekly Q&A Lives

Monthly Challenges

(optionally *$25/m after)



(or 12 x $99) 

Equipment List

Online Courses

'Next Level' Coaching

12 months PVA Members' Club*

Weekly Q&A Lives

Monthly Challenges

3 x 1hr Personal Coaching Calls

(optionally *$25/m after)



I can get ANYONE recording Pro Videos, the only thing stopping you... is YOU!

“I feel like a total amateur!”
“I have no idea where to start!”
“This stuff scares me!”

If you can relate to that then GREAT! You're the easiest student for me to work with. I know when my daughter started driving lessons the instructor said that he much preferred starting from scratch rather than having to unpick what had been taught by parents.


“I don’t have any equipment!” 

GOOD! I have a full equipment list for you that will cost around $1200 for everything I use to make my videos. If you trust me and invest in this same equipment I can help you so much quicker and easier than if you have alternative equipment. 


"I'm scared to get on camera!"

First, you need to hear that this is totally normal! Most people are scared stiff of getting on camera and let me tell you two things. Firstly, I'm here to help and support you, and so are the other members of this group. Secondly, your audience will see that it's costly for you to show up and give them value, and they'll LOVE YOU for it! Trust me you'll win their hearts in no time and create a loyal tribe of supporters.


"I can't afford it!"

If I were offering you a brand new Ferrari for $495 would you be able to afford that? 

Typically it's not the 'cost' but the 'value' you see in what's being offered to you. 

Now I realise there's equipment to buy too and the last thing I want to do is put you in a financial mess so if you're just starting out then sure, it may not be a fit for you right now, that's why I'm really appealing to coaches who know they can make money and will see this as an investment to open new doors. If looking more professional allows you to increase your prices from $495 to $995 then just one sale will pay your investment back and that's got to be a total no-brainer right!


"I don’t have the time for a course!"

Heck, who does! This training can totally fit around you and if you choose my equipment you should be up and running in a few hours! I have no intention of taking you through all the fundamentals of photography, rather, I am going to tell you the equipment you need, then show you how to set it up and how to record!  

You’ll follow a proven step-by-step guide showing you where all the buttons are and what settings you need, this couldn’t be easier!  

So let me put you right at ease, this isn’t going to require hours of watching videos, it’s a totally practical subject and I intend to get you to your goals of creating professional quality videos as quickly as I can!  


"I've already got a video training course!"

Great... so how's that working out for you, are you making professional looking videos yet?

Look, I get it, to buy into this Academy admits you got it wrong last time but that's ok. I have an attic full of lights that I bought but they just didn't do what I wanted. They're not faulty, they're just not right for me. Should I let that stop me from buying the RIGHT lights? 

... Do you get what I'm saying? 


"I don't have a studio!"

Not a problem. Actually I'm going to encourage you to find a more natural location around your home than sitting in front of a plain white screen if possible! All the big players prefer a more 'real' location.


"I can't think of any more excuses!"

Haha, there we go, so now I reckon it's time to take a leap of faith and make this incredible investment in yourself, your business, your future! 

Come on, I've got ya...


Receive 3 x 1 hour personal coaching calls with Adrian (worth $600)
An extra 6 months Members' Lounge membership (worth $150)

$997 (or 12x $99)

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